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The Passion of The Christ. 25th February 2004

"This is a movie about love, faith and forgiveness. He [Jesus] died for all mankind. He suffered for all of us. It's time to get back to that basic message,"
- Mel Gibson, on his film The Passion of The Christ

The Last Hours Of Our
Lord Jesus Christ

The End Of The Mortal Road

Sometime around the year A.D. 30, in the Roman province of Palestine, an obscure Jewish carpenter named Jesus of Nazareth began to teach publicly and to proclaim the coming of a 'Kingdom of God.' For centuries, the Jewish people had expected the appearance of a promised deliverer known as the Messiah --a figure who would restore their ancient dignity, and free their sacred homeland from all evil and despair. In the minds of many, Jesus appeared to be this Messiah. Surrounded by a core group of twelve disciples, Jesus began to attract a massive following from among the common people of Galilee and Judea, who eventually praised him as their Messiah and King. However, Jesus also had many enemies in Jerusalem. The Sanhedrin, a governing senate composed of the leading Jewish priests and Pharisees, conspired to put Jesus to death. More

The Road to Golgatha

The Passion Of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson brings his strong Catholic beliefs to this film as does, the actor who will play Jesus Christ, James Caviezel. Gibson pursued authenticity in telling this story by consulting with high-level theologians and church officials at the Vatican. Gibson plans to tell the story without subtitles, trusting the power of visual storytelling to transcend language barriers. He wants to show the humanity of Jesus as well as the devine aspect.In addition to the New Testament gospels of John, Luke, Mark and Matthew., Gibson and Ben Fitzgerald scripted from several other sources, including Mary of Agreda's "The City of God", and freely adapting the diaries of Anne Catherine Emmerich collected in "The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ".

The Los Angeles-based Jesuit linguistics professor Bill Fulco, who will also serve as the on-set dialogue coach, translated the screenplay into Latin and Aramaic.

We'll be sure to add more information, from reliable sources, on this fascinating film, as it becomes available, and, hopefully soon, there will be an official website we can direct you to, meanwhile enjoy a very well done fan based website, plus  the back ground material that we are supplying here, and yes, it does include links to Aramaic and Latin language websites.

a note: the fan based website gives you several language options, including Latin and Aramaic.

For You

the end and the beginning

the mirror page to this one, with music. Here

 24th February. 20004

 The Film
an essay on The Passion
by Kelly Boggs,
of Baptist Press news
this not the official
website, but a very
good one nonetheless
this is the same website as the
above, but in Latin
the official website
25th February 2004

The Actors

New Testament Gateway

The Languages
a detailed course in
Assyrian Aramaic
a comprehensive lexicon
Dictionary and Grammar Aid
a Latin conjugation programme

The Sources
from the Meditations of
Anne Catherine Emmerich
by St. Mary of Agreda
The Biblical sources can be found  here or via the
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Other Biblical Sources
a translation into English
a mega-site of Bible, Christian
and religious information
and studies.


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