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"Never in the field of human conflict, was so much owed, by so many, to so few"
Winston Churchill

As Few As They Were

Heading Home

The Luftwaffe threw everything they had at Britain, and Britain held. Buildings, shipping, airfields were blown apart, but Britain held. So few planes, so few qualified pilots, and Britain held. For those few crucial weeks, when Hitler threatened everything from bombing into submission to invasion, Britons stood together, shoulder to shoulder, through the thick and the thin of it all, so Winston Churchill's quote summed it up perfectly...." this was their Finest Hour"

A Brief Timeline

This is a brief timeline of the events, a more detailed one can be found via the Battle of Britain: Day by Day link.
10 July - 7 Aug preliminary phase
8 - 23 Aug attacks on coastal targets
24 Aug - 6 Sept attacks on Fighter Command airfields
7-30 Sept daylight attacks on London mainly by heavy bombers
1 - 31 October daylight attacks on London mainly by fighter-bombers


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The Battle of Britain


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