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"In the year of our Lord 1314, patriots of Scotland, starving and outnumbered, charged the fields at Bannockburn. They fought like warrior poets. They fought like Scotsmen. And won their freedom."

William Wallace. ca.1272 -1305

William and Murron

There was Blind Willie's epic poem, there have been many books written, and then, there was the film. William Wallace is a hero for every age, and every age sees Wallace differently. Yes, amongst all the mythology there was and is a man, who fought for Scotland's freedom, who tore the English apart at Stirling Bridge, and who, in turn, was himself defeated at Falkirk.If you have seen the film, and felt a fierce pride, then good for you, it's what the film was all about, but remember, though there were correct historical facts inter-laced in the story, the majority of it was based on Blind Willies poem. If you want to know more about the historical William Wallace, then follow the links, to be found at the right hand side of the page. We'll add to the links, as we come across them, and remember............
"Every man dies, but not every man truly lives."
"Pro libertate"


Murron and William


Glen Nevis where parts of Braveheart were filmed


The Film

walk for Wallace

The Soundtrack


Music playing:
Wallace Courts Murron,
from the sound track of


Main Title



A Gift Of A Thistle



Wallace Courts Murron



The Secret Wedding



Attack On Murron






Murron's Burial



Making Plans/Gathering The Clans



Sons Of Scotland



The Battle Of Stirling



For The Love Of A Princess






Betrayal and Desolation



Mornay's Dream



The Legend Spreads



The Princess Pleads For Wallace's Life



'Freedom'/The Execution/Bannockburn



End Credits


1. I Shall Tell You Of
William Wallace

2. Outlawed Tunes On Outlawed Pipes

3. The Royal Wedding

4. The Trouble With Scotland

5. Scottish Wedding Music

6. Prima Noctes

7. The Proposal

8. Scotland Is Free

9. Point Of War, Johnny Cope/ 
Up In The Morning Early 
(1st Battalion Queen's Own
Cameron Highlanders)

10. Conversing With The Almighty -
 David O'Hara, Mel Gibson, Brendan Gleeson,
James Cosmo

11. The Road To The Isles, Glendaural Highlanders/
The Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill  
(1st Battalion Queen's Own
Cameron Highlanders)

12. Sons Of Scotland 

13. Vision Of Murron

14. Unite The Clans

15. The Legend Spreads

16. Why Do You Help Me

17. For The Love Of A Princess

18. Not Every Man Really Lives

19. The Prisoner Wishes To Say A Word

20. After The Beheading

21. You Have Bled With Wallace

22. Warrior Poets

23. Scotland The Brave

24. Leaving Glenhurghart
(1st Battalion Queen's Own
Cameron Highlanders)

25. Kirkhill 
(1st Battalion Queen's Own
Cameron Highlanders)


The History






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